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Anne Ingram, The Daily Gleaner

… Evans & Doherty are an accomplished musical duo. They can start toes tapping with a rousing drinking song or bring a tear to the eye with a lament on the futility of war. 

Gerry Taylor, Telegraph Journal 

… It seems to me that every time I have heard Brian Doherty and Kevin Evans live on stage or on tape and now CD over the years I have become more and more convinced they are the greatest folk duo still performing in this world.  I am sure that if traditional music fans all over the world could hear them they would agree.

 Country Living, Bibi’s Week in Ireland

… they’re great fun and they deliver a great sound.

David Cadogan, Mirimichi Leader

… Brian & Kevin sound great together… the depth of Kevin’s relationship with his guitars is evident throughout the album as usual. He’s a master.

John Reid, The Press, Christchurch, New Zealand

… opening the proceedings were Evans & Doherty with a warm manner that quickly drew a favorable response from the full house… their smooth professional work on bass and guitar was an excellent introduction… these two Irish-Canadians spun a line of chat, songs and shaggy dog stories that washed away a late start to the show.

Dave Butler, Mirimichi Weekend

… a unity that derives in part from the singers superb harmony and richly resonant guitaring…

The Chronicle Herald

 …an energetic musical pair.  Their set animated the large crowd to something approaching a frenzy… humorous, traditional and original songs all delivered with a resonant sound from their two guitars… it wasn’t only their first-rate musicianship that made their set great… the choice of material was also great… the audience didn’t want to let them go.

Paul Kennedy, The Sunday Daily News

… The Second Week Of Deer Camp is one of the hottest singles this fall.


… (Live At Lunenburg) is sensational, a great recording.  One of the finest tapes ever produced… their song version of Hamlet is worth the price of the tape.

Stephen Pederson, The Mail Star

… Evans & Doherty ended the first half with Irish humour and a sublimely polished duo performance of songs both comic and sad – two of the best entertainers in the business.